The Lost World of Football: B is for Bobble Hat…

Got, Not Got

Continuing our series of extracts from ‘The Lost World of Football’… 

If you want to get ahead, get a hat. That’s what optimistic types (with hats) used to say back in the olden days before the unnatural incursion of the baseball cap gave headgear in general a bad name in Britain.

bobble hat kids

Like greedy, stupid grey squirrels ganging up and bullying our delightful native red squirrels, the ubiquitous baseball cap soon put paid to the bowler, the trilby, the boater and the humble club-coloured bobble hat, which was once the universal signifier of a football fan…

‘The Lost World of Football’ is available now in branches of WH Smiths and Waterstones or can be ordered here…  

lwof bottom

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Halloween Eleven

Beyond The Last Man

EnglandHell isn’t all about other people, pits of fire, brimstone or red-hot poker insertions. Hell can be biting cold, squalid mud, desolate landscapes, flashing studs, the acrid smell of Ralgex and troglodyte defenders handing out painful kickings while bellowing triumphantly “Ave some of that, soft lad”.

The sometime nightmare experience of playing last century English football ties in with this themed post, a special Halloween Elevencomprising a team of the most grisly named players from English League history. All of these players genuinely existed and either played or were on the books of their listed clubs.

Abandon hope all ye who enter here and may your own personal hell burn brighter.

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Geordie Sure

The Itinerant Football Watcher

The second of the season’s Northern League groundhops in celebration of that great competitions 125th anniversary took place in a three mile square radius in a corner of the great gateway city of Newcastle. It was a four game feast of football for visitors from all corners of the land and indeed beyond these waters. Here is a review of what happened in another fantastic day with our friends in the north.

Northern League Division 2 (26/10/2013 10.30am)

Heaton Stannington (2) 3 (Wright pen 20,89,Smith 32)

Birtley Town (0)…

Attendance: 412 (at Grounsell Park)

Heaton Stannington can date their formation to 1910 when two local sides in the Stannington Grove area merged, given the new club their suffix. They played in those days at Newton Park in High Heaton and competed in the Tyneside and Northern Amateur Leagues. The pre-War years were good to the Stan, in 1934 they moved…

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Apathetic Readers, Voters or Writers?

Yes I Can Explain The Offside Rule

Voting ballot form

Russell Brand spoke last week about revolution, revolution to break free from the constraints of a political system that doesn’t empower its people to think for themselves but creates its own apathy.

His words appear to have taken on a new meaning in the football blogging world with writers arguing the case of apathetic readers, populist voting in awards and fewer blog hits due to saturation of the market with the same old stuff.

There have recently been a number of established football bloggers pondering the meaning of online existence and whether football blogging has had its day.

There appears to be quite a bit of consternation too about awards for blogging.  It’s all a bit too ‘populist’ for some who think that it’s not necessarily the best blogs that win the awards but those who have the most followers on Twitter.

There may be something in this.  There are…

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