WHO ARE YA? Kane Brooker


Kane Brooker

1) Who are ya?

Kane Brooker, 16 years old from Surrey.

2) Who do you support?

The mighty Manchester United! Although I have a (very) big soft spot for Walton Casuals. Call them my non-league team.

3) What was your first game?

Manchester United v Birmingham City, at Old Trafford. News Years Day 2008, United won 1-0. Tevez displayed his infamous dummy celebration for the first time, but I couldn’t see him do it too well!

4) What do you do for a job?

I am currently a student at college, although I have a voluntary job at Walton Casuals as the club reporter/journalist. Within this I contribute to the Non-League Paper every home game we have as well as the club programmes and website.

5) Have you played/worked/volunteered for any football clubs?

Besides my role at Walton Casuals that I took up at the start of this current season, I haven’t worked at any other clubs. I did play for a Sunday youth team, staying with the same club for a solid 9 years. I in fact became known as the Ryan Giggs of the Surrey Primary League!

6) How did you get into it?

For journalism: After enjoying reading endless football news and articles, I decided to give it a go myself. I was pretty bad when I first started, but I have begun to develop new skills and techniques as I go.

For playing: It was a way to fit in at school! I was also pretty bad at playing when I first started, but joining a club really helped, and I became a key player after a few years. I did hit 49 goals in one season as a striker, not too bad.

7) What do you get out of it?

I have absolutely loved the start of my work with Walton Casuals and journalism. First, the thrill of seeing people reading your first article is brilliant. When I first started with Casuals, I watched from the stands like most fans. No one knew who I was at the time, and I’d hear a lot of people discuss ‘this new writer’ and when you hear people say great things about your work, it really brightens up your day. The bond I’m beginning to make with some of the players is great, it always makes matches and writing interesting. You also get to watch a lot of great games too, a massive bonus.

8) What advice would you give someone wanting to get started in blogging/writing?

I’d give two pieces of advice:

1) Be patient. When you start off, your work may not get many views or readers, even if it does deserve more. After a few months, a fan base builds up, and you will see the waiting game has payed off. I started my blog in June and am only beginning to see a big increase in views. That’s mainly because of the audience. Non-league fans love a good read!

2) Get your name out there. Never reject any offer you get, and go the extra mile to get noticed. Whether a local club, another website, a newspaper, just write, write, write!

9) Given the chance, would you do anything differently?

I have no regrets so far, but I’d definitely start earlier! It does feel like I’ve wasted a year or two I could have been doing this, but since starting I wouldn’t do much differently. I almost turned down a chance to commentate on a local radio station, but decided I might as well in the end. I’d definitely snap that right up if I was to do it again though!

10) Who’s your footballing hero?

Diego Forlan. In truth, I’m not sure how I exactly came about to it being Forlan. I remember watching him when I was young (although not when he was at Manchester United) and really like the way he played, when at Atletico Madrid. I suppose I followed him from there and he inspired me as I adapted from midfield to the frontline when playing.

Thanks Kane, all the best.

You can read and follow Kane’s blog – The Red Card – at th3redcard.wordpress.com