WHO ARE YA? Tom Fieldhouse, Media Executive


1) Who are ya?

Tom Fieldhouse, 23, born and raised in Yorkshire and obsessed with football.

2) Who do you support?

Leeds United

3) What was your first game?

Pretty sure it was when I was about 4 or 5 and my dad took me and my older brother to Elland Road to watch a game. I was so young I don’t remember much other than I got bored and wanted to leave early to my brother’s dismay. We heard the ground erupt as we approached our car. Needless to say we never left early again.

Football passed me by until I was about 8 when a friend of mine’s family kindly took me to watch Uefa Cup matches against the likes of Marítimo. European nights at a packed Elland Road are hard to beat and I’ve been hooked ever since.

4) What do you do for a job?

I’m a media executive at a marketing agency in Leeds called Intermarketing Agency. I plan and buy advertising space in magazines, on TV, Radio, Online – anything really! Really enjoy it and the agency is a fantastic place to work.

5) Have you played/worked for any football clubs?

Played – unless you’re counting Ripon City Panthers/Magnets U14-U18s – then sadly not.

Haven’t worked for a club but would love to work for Leeds someday. Being at a club that’s progressing very quickly (e.g Man City) would be very exciting as well so if ever an opportunity like that came up I’d find it hard to pass up – even with my Yorkshire upbringing.

6) How did you get into it?

I got into marketing because I liked the creative aspect of business, working in media came as a result as searching for a work placement as part of my degree. I didn’t have a clue what went in agencies, and would take any job available in that environment.

Luckily I landed a job I really enjoyed in an agency that was moving in the right direction.

7) What do you get out of it?

It’s great to learn more about the new developments in marketing, and how one subtle change to a marketing budget/campaign can maximise efficiency. I really enjoy being able to work on really creative ideas as well!

8) What advice would you give someone wanting to follow in your stud marks/footsteps?

Work hard and leave no stone unturned when looking for an opportunity. If you can make a process more efficient, do it and prove it works instead of waiting for permission. Most importantly though, be nice and friendly and treat everybody with the respect you’d like to receive in turn. You never know when that intern might finally get that tech startup off the ground and become the next Zuckerberg.

9) If you could do it all again what would you change?

Tricky one… It’s got to be: have a proper crack at becoming a musician. And actually spend time practising guitar when I had the time in my teens.

10) Who’s your footballing hero?

From a club perspective it’s got to Kewell. He had it all. As a left footed player Leeds had a great pair of idols for me in Harte and Kewell but Kewell’s skill was immense and his goals weren’t bad either.

Overall though, I can’t look past Henry. For me he changed the way the game was played – brought a style and flair to the pitch I’d never seen before. He optimised Wenger’s brand of football and that’s a style of football I love. It wasn’t simply about winning but winning with style and boy, did they do that.