SPORT RENDEZ-VOUS advert, 1990

SPORT RENDEZ-VOUS advert, 1990

New England kit & leisurewear, from Sport Rendez-vous, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire


The @HinckleyKnitter Twitter account announced that Hinckley United FC had ceased to exist at 11.15 this morning. The sad news comes after years of financial hardship at the Leicestershire club, including a previous winding up order by the HMRC.

The Hinckley Times had recently reported on alleged “business irregularities” at the struggling non-league club.

Leicestershire police investigated allegations against the board of Hinckley United following complaints by shareholders that revolved around the board’s decision to transfer assets from Hinckley United FC Limited to Hinckley United Stadium Limited.

The police probe came just days after the Knitters board of directors urged a judge to liquidate the club, stating that United could not meet claims made against past debt and bankruptcy was the only option.

A two week stay of execution had previously been granted at Birmingham High Court to prevent the debt-ridden club going bust.

New investors willing to pay the costs of an insolvency administrator so the club, in its present form, could be saved have apparently not been found, and so United have been wound up.

The fate of Hinckley United has become an increasingly complex and knotty issue which has divided opinion among directors, shareholders and fans, and thrown business dealings into question.

Posts on a United fans forum alleged that the board transferred assets from Hinckley United FC Ltd into Hinckley United Stadium Ltd to safeguard shareholders in anticipation of the club collapsing, which has now happened.

The town of Hinckley had had an established football team for over one hundred years before today. Hinckley United themselves were formed in 1997 following the merger of Hinckley Town and Hinckley Athletic.