2000AD Robo Hunter Football Crazy


2000AD – Robo Hunter, Football Crazy

From 2000AD review:

Football Crazy [has] some appalling stereotypes. Looking at the caricatures of the Japanese spectators is like watching a car crash unfold in front of you. It’s hard to believe that comics readers ever found this acceptable, but I can only suppose it was quite a different time 20 years ago. But still, lines like “That’s a rie, me no confessee!” followed by Kidd’s “shut it, nip!” and the “blakee Pentax” refrain can only lead to a wide eyed reaction these days. Some of the other stereotypes in this section also steer a little close to the mark, but it is saved by the satirical representation of football. The presence of the three Brian’s as commentators, and Bev, Kev, Trev, Trev and Trev as the English players certainly help here.

Football Crazy, Sheffield, Craig Daley


Football Crazy – The Owls


Football Crazy – the Blades


From The Web Comic List:

Football Crazy: The Road to Insanity is the third of the Surreal Murder Mystery series of Graphic Novels from CDComics available on Kindle priced £1.98.
This Football Graphic Novel is a surreal ‘whodunnit’ with all the clues you will need to identify the murderer within the 66 full colour pages. It follows on from the success of the first two titles in the series, Meadowhell and Spring Heeled Jack and this time the reader gets to choose either red and white or blue and white.

The blue version of the story follows Sheffield Wednesday as they progress through the rounds of the F.A Cup, after playing and winning a steel city derby replay in round three. While in the red version Sheffield United win the tie and progress. This is ‘Roy of the Rovers’ in the ‘Twilight Zone’ as the club from the third tier of English football take on Manchester United, Arsenal, Spurs and Liverpool, while off the field their star players are being murdered.

Football Crazy has cameo appearances from football players, pundits, wags, actors, comedians and Look North and Sky Sports News presenters. It asks the reader to review team line ups and the names of the police investigating the murders and is full of references to football, past and present and F.A Cup match action that could help you solve the mystery.

So why not test your investigative skills and try to solve the murders by reading and looking for clues as the police search the crime scenes, interview suspects, gather the forensic evidence and talk to experts in various fields. This football murder mystery narrative tests your ability to look beyond the normal, to the paranormal and surreal and your powers of observation and deduction will be pushed to their limits.

These are Graphic Novels, so for best results, full colour, the ability to zoom in and legibility, you will need to download a free Kindle reader to your PC, these products are not b/w large print novels, and are intended to be read on your PC via a Kindle Reader.

Have a fun read and please do have nightmares.

You can find out more about CDComics and see lots of images at www.cdgraphicnovels.blogspot.com

Football Crazy Blades at www.amazon.co.uk/Football-Crazy-Surreal-Mysteries-ebook/dp/B0075MRA9U/ref=sr_1_5?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1328402085&sr=1-5

Football Crazy Owls at www.amazon.co.uk/Football-Crazy-Surreal-Mystery-ebook/dp/B0075NXO2Q/ref=sr_1_6?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1328402085&sr=1-6

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