The Lost World of Football – S is for… Striker Goalie

Got, Not Got

Extract from the ‘Lost World of Football’ examining an iconic piece of British engineering……

“It wasn’t until we went down to Surrey to visit Paul Woozley and photograph his magnificent collection of old football games that I realised I hadn’t actually laid hands on the Striker diving goalkeeper for many a decade.

striker goalie

There he was, resplendent in his lemon jersey, which back then meant that you were an international. Like an old friend.

He’s a fantastic piece of engineering, too – as you roll him to the side, he dives and his arms stretch up… I put him through his paces a few times, and then a few more times in slow motion, making him tip the ball round the post and making an “OOOOO!” crowd noise.

Have you ever snapped back into the real world to realise everyone in the room is looking at you?”

striker instructions

If you want to…

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