The Soccer Tribe

The semiotics of scarf wearing…

Got, Not Got

Giles Metcalfe makes his GNG columnist debut with a look at The Soccer Tribe

There has been a plethora of books about football, but one book stands out in the limited academic (football) field of the psychological, sociological and anthropological study of the game of football and the humble fan – Desmond Morris’ The Soccer Tribe (Jonathan Cape, 1981).

soccer tribe

Now out of print, I was lucky enough to pick up a hardback copy for a couple of quid from the Oxfam book shop in Nottingham about 10 years ago. Although a very dated read these days, written long before Hillsborough and Euro 96 with the resultant advent of family-friendly stadiums and gentrification of the sport, it really is an interesting book, both interms of the written content and the excellent images of football days gone by inside it.

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Sammy Nelson of Arsenal commits a ‘Tribal Taboo’

The premise was…

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