There are world cup songs and there are world cup songs

Via Llandudno Jetset

Llandudno Jet Set

As we’re now 5 days away from the world cup here’s a lovely little song from Pop Will Eat Itself.

If you ask me there aren’t enough songs that feature the words Hegemony and Bourgeoisie. Thanks to @StoneDunk for pointing me in that direction. Sadly there are also other world cup songs, like this travesty;

Thanks to @the_itch1980 for drawing my attention towards that. The last world cup “song” that annoyed me in this manner was a piece of shit by a couple of wanky geezer wannabes;

I defy you to look the fat one’s face and not hate football. I defy you to behold this next piece of crap and not wish that football had remained unpopular in the late 19th century.

Back to this world cup, here’s a stone dead classic;

And another, this time a reissue from 2010….

To end on a positive note, it looks as though this lot won’t be allowed…

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