England World Cup Squad 1982 album

Via the Goldstone Wrap

The Goldstone Wrap

Here are Brighton’s skipper Steve Foster and their future striker Justin Fashanu in action:


In 1982, both players also turned their talents in the recording studio. With the Albion, Foster had a stab at singing on ‘In Brighton’ / ‘The Goldstone Rap’.

Fozzie also featured in the official England World Cup Squad song: ‘This Time (We’ll Get It Right)’:

Believe it or not, a whole album of songs was released:


As noted by Derek Hammond and Gary Silke in ‘Got Not Got’:

The FA’s resolute refusal to acknowledge disco, punk or even New Romanticism was partly tempered on the ‘This time We’ll Get It Right’ LP, where Justin Fashanu’s frankly astonishing ‘Do It Cos You Like It’ predated the thrust of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s ‘Relax’ by at least a year.

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The Painted Streets of Brazil – Nice one Google.

Via the 12elth Man

The 12elfth Man

Google - Brazil Painted Streets

Taking a snapshot of the World Cup emblazoned streets of Brazil and bringing to you wherever you are, Google has utilised street view in a rather beautiful way.

I would urge you to check this out.

You can pick a number of streets from all over the contry. Get stuck in and take a peak. It’s a great sight!

Google - Brazil Painted Streets 1

Google - Brazil Painted Streets 2

Google - Brazil Painted Streets 3

Google - Brazil Painted Streets 4

Similarly, if you like that…you can also take a look inside all the stadiums being used throughout the tournament in the same way. Just head over here for these.

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A Lot Of Balls 1959-62


Beyond The Last Man

A Word From Our SponsorsWe’re no technophobes but will admit that when it comes to buying a new football we do struggle to get our head around the concept of AFMT (Advanced Football Manufacturing Technique). You probably won’t recognise this acronym simply because we’ve just made it up, but we’ll wager that you would quite readily have believed such a thing existed. It’s something of an unfortunate bi-product of the useless, pseudo-science marketing babble that we have become long accustomed to by manufacturers of footballs.

If you told BTLM that the new ball FIFA will use in the 2014 World Cup has inbuilt Wi-Fi, can send notifications to a smartphone detailing its mood, is hand-stitched from unicorn hide by Bolivian pygmies and releases an atomised spray of Calvin Klein Eternity each time you head it, then we would quite probably take you at face value. It’s easy to be taken in by it all.

Perhaps it’s a generational thing but as modern footballs…

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There are world cup songs and there are world cup songs

Via Llandudno Jetset

Llandudno Jet Set

As we’re now 5 days away from the world cup here’s a lovely little song from Pop Will Eat Itself.

If you ask me there aren’t enough songs that feature the words Hegemony and Bourgeoisie. Thanks to @StoneDunk for pointing me in that direction. Sadly there are also other world cup songs, like this travesty;

Thanks to @the_itch1980 for drawing my attention towards that. The last world cup “song” that annoyed me in this manner was a piece of shit by a couple of wanky geezer wannabes;

I defy you to look the fat one’s face and not hate football. I defy you to behold this next piece of crap and not wish that football had remained unpopular in the late 19th century.

Back to this world cup, here’s a stone dead classic;

And another, this time a reissue from 2010….

To end on a positive note, it looks as though this lot won’t be allowed…

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