Behold, the wonderful collection of the Urban Gent

The 12elfth Man

“Proudly Wear Your Colours With Style”

That’s the bottom line that leads the way in the Manifesto of the good guys over at Urban Gent.

Bringing together, football and fashion with design at its core, these guys are doing something brilliant.

This is what they stand for…


And here’s a snippet of their beautiful collection.

2detail (1)




Awesome eh!


6 (1)



So join the revolution, support something beautiful and take a look at all these good folk have to offer here.

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One thought on “Behold, the wonderful collection of the Urban Gent

  1. Hi NoStanding13,

    Nice feature. We’d love to get in contact with you regarding our new line ‘pre-season’ that you may be interested in featuring.

    You can have an initial look here:

    Jack and Conall

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