Kit of the Week No.14: Sheffield United away 1981-83

The Football Pink



These days, many lower league clubs wear standard template kits from some of the world’s leading brands such as Nike, Puma and Adidas rather than take a risk on unknown, quirky outfits produced by back street factories in the north of England. This was not always the case, as is demonstrated by this unique example from the early 80’s.

Sheffield United had plummeted through the four divisions during the late 70’s but as they hit rock bottom in 1981, the switch to this Hobott produced kit changed The Blades’ fortunes. Hobott – or House of Barrington Official Teamster Top – supplied several clubs during this era. The Sheffield-based company weren’t subscribers to a particular trend and were certainly not advocates of the old adage ‘less is more’ as we can see in this fabulous yellow and burgundy/brown number.

Bentley’s sponsorship logo is innovatively set vertically down…

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