Wolves fans take to Twitter to mobilise mass away support

The Football Pink


JAY FREEMAN brings us the story of how two fans took their idea to Twitter and were responsible for gathering the largest away following in the all-seater era.

Twitter has proliferated fans’ interest in the game in the last few years. Whether it’s providing a public forum to vent on a defeat or a place where poor ‘football funny’ images can be shared, fans seem to have got behind the platform. Some fans, however, have used the site as a place to mobilise a massive following, in a way that’s not been seen before. Following their second successive relegation in May of last year, under-fire Wolves Chairman Steve Morgan released a letter to the fans, detailing his thoughts on the unenviable situation the club found themselves in. He was especially frank, admitting ‘as Chairman of the Club I take my responsibilities very seriously; we have failed our supporters, and the…

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