Football Books – The Woofits Play Football


The Woofits were a series of children’s books written in the 1980s by the British television and radio personality Michael Parkinson, best known for his TV chat shows.

The stories featured the Woofits a family of anthropomorphic dog-like creatures who lived in the fictional Yorkshire coal mining village of Grimeworth (based on the real life Cudworth where Parkinson was born and nearby village of Grimethorpe).

The main members of the Woofit family lived in three terraced houses along Grimeworth Street, Grimeworth:

Number 8

  • Grandpa Ironside and Grandma Emily, the heads of the family

Number 10

  • Uncle Athelstone, miner, gardener and leader of Grimeworth Colliery brass band
  • Uncle Gaylord, Athelstone’s brother – a football pools winner who considers himself posh

Number 12

  • John Willy Woofit, son of Ironside and coal miner and plays the trombone in the brass band
  • Lavina, wife of John Willy
  • Elton, son of Lavinia and John Willy, dreamed of being a pop star.
  • Angela, sister of Elton who had ambitions to be a TV newsreader
  • Elton’s pet dog Gershwin

Other characters included Baskerville Woofit (editor of the Daily Woofit), Cluff Woofit (manager of the local football team) and local policeman Sergeant Cox.