Travel tips Brazil World Cup 2014 #1 to 20

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Caipirinha - Jack Sparrow style

Here are the first twenty Brazil World Cup travel tips that went out on my Twitter account @Pitacodogringo between 4th March and 31st March 2014.

I’ve lived in Brazil since 2002 and the ideas are based on my experiences – a few ex pats who know the country well, also chipped in. Some tips offer advice; others are observations on what it’s like living here as a gringo.  Each is 140 characters or less.

The tips are in no particular order.

Brazil World Cup tips 1: Brazilians are very friendly. Expect invites to homes & parties. Just don’t expect to be given the address

Brazil World Cup tips 2: Socializing – Ask the locals why they love Pelé but don’t particularly like Edson Arantes do Nascimento

World Cup tips 3: Caipirinhas (photo) are stronger than you think. Three might put you under the table. They’re also expensive…

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