Football Stretcher Prints, from Co2nscience

Stretcher Print is a unique wall print product, available exclusively from Co2nscience. They are Bradford-based eco company with a simple mission – to develop and sell super-cool, unique products made from recycled, re-claimed, and sustainable raw materials.


Designed with ‘BIG’ in mind, they wanted to get away from the constraints of rigid square/oblong canvas prints. Because they don’t use wooden frames to make the prints, they can create really unique flexible shapes! Soft and felt-like to the touch, they are made from recycled plastic bottles too, which really gives them (and you) a warm feeling inside.


If you pledge on Kickstarter at the £39 pledge they will make you one of these shirts (and probably do an Arsenal and Chelsea set too). After the Kickststarter initiative ends (on the 10th April), they will retail at circa £50-£60 so if anyone wants a bargain you need to get in quick!