Why do I bother with football?

Llandudno Jet Set

Last week someone started a “Falling out of love with non-league football” thread on the When Saturday Comes message board with this post;

“I think it’s been a steady thing for me, probably starting when we lost the playoff final to Boreham Wood when our captain got punched in the face, but I really feel at the point where I can’t stand it any more and basically just go to see my mates.

What annoys me the most is people who pretend it’s something it isn’t. Pious articles in WSC and its ilk about what a ‘real’ alternative it is to the Premier League, overlooking that it has most of the same problems that pisses people off with the Premier Legaue.

Let’s look at some facts about non-league football. The richest teams do well and the poorest teams do badly. Players dive, bully refs, waste time, feign injury and do…

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