The Top 25 writers on twitter.

The 90 Second Football Blog

Now, I might be leaving twitter behind, but I will still write.

Now, I believe that there are many great writers who need a push, and hopefully my final act on twitter can be a kind one.

This was originally going to be titled “Top 25 bloggers” but I felt that writers was a better term, and as many are qualified journalists I thought it better to use “writer” rather than “blogger”

Top 25 criteria: it seems a little unfair, but I’ve excluded anybody with more than 10,000 followers. I suspect they already have the readership, and we probably already know they’re either good or some form of parody account.

I’ve not excluded journalists, or people who only write for other sites. Having your own blog is not essential at all. I have however excluded the sort of journalist who’d appear on Sunday Supplement.

I’ve tried to include something for…

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