What’s In A Name?

Lost Boyos

Jimmy Weeks takes a look at the identity crisis that has swept many Welsh clubs in recent times thanks to the influence of outside sponsors.

A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but could you still love your club if they were rechristened after an IT business?

It’s fair to suggest that the average football fan doesn’t possess an encyclopedic knowledge of the Welsh domestic leagues. While the country’s top representatives in the English system may be enjoying a fruitful period, the same cannot be said for the clubs who ply their trade on home soil. Gates are low, money is in short supply and coverage outside Wales is, understandably, minimal.

But one feature few will have missed is the spate of Welsh clubs selling their naming rights to sponsors. Perhaps best known are the one-time Llansantffraid FC, whose star was in the ascendancy following a League…

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