2000AD Robo Hunter Football Crazy


2000AD – Robo Hunter, Football Crazy

From 2000AD review:

Football Crazy [has] some appalling stereotypes. Looking at the caricatures of the Japanese spectators is like watching a car crash unfold in front of you. It’s hard to believe that comics readers ever found this acceptable, but I can only suppose it was quite a different time 20 years ago. But still, lines like “That’s a rie, me no confessee!” followed by Kidd’s “shut it, nip!” and the “blakee Pentax” refrain can only lead to a wide eyed reaction these days. Some of the other stereotypes in this section also steer a little close to the mark, but it is saved by the satirical representation of football. The presence of the three Brian’s as commentators, and Bev, Kev, Trev, Trev and Trev as the English players certainly help here.