Thursday’s Thoughts #2: Underwhelming Wanderers

Smurf's Soccer Spot.

Due to the fact I now have an obscene four and a half hour gap between lessons on Thursdays, I have decided, in a desperate attempt to write more, that every Thursday, in said gap, I will offer my opinion on something from the wonderful world of football. This will be called Thursday’s Thoughts. This week’s thoughts are on: Bolton Wanderers. The joys…

To say Bolton Wanderers’ season has been a complete and utter disaster would be a massive understatement. In every aspect, from tactics to transfers to results to interviews, Bolton have been an embarrassment this season. Not even remotely close to the lofty expectations we all had coming into the season.

This season we have won only twice at home, six in total, we have lost a total of eleven games and conceded a total of forty-four goals, joint second most in the division. We have witnessed countless…

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