Refereeing…who would do it?

Game of the People

RefIt’s easy to blame the referee for the poor performance of your football team. He’s got scapegoat written all over him. Or perhaps he walks around with a notice saying “Kick me” stuck on his back. It’s a thankless task, especially at non-league level. I’m reminded on one of those wacky “Far side” greetings cards where two stags are having a chat and one has a target emblazoned on his chest. “Hell of a birthmark, Hal”. That’s referees – walking targets.

Why would you do it? For a start, you get called all the names under the sun by supporters, and at non-league games, these echo around empty stadia. Your parentage is called into question. Your off-duty hobbies. Your integrity. Your honesty. You name it, the man in black gets it thrown at him.

And then there’s the players and managers. Non-league players’ interaction with the officials is quite appalling…

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