You’re not paranoid if they’re really after you

Llandudno Jet Set

Semi-pro football has so much of a selective appeal it would be safe to assume that those who “love the footy” will dismiss it in the blink of an eye because, these people will probably say that semi-pro football lacks finesse. If these people ventured beyond their prejudices they would find something that’s a good deal more vibrant than they assume.

Although semi-pro football is generally more sedate and well-mannered than “proper football” the fans of semi-pro football can be just as passionate. Mangotsfield United’s “Inter Village Firm” (IVF) like to display flags at the Southern League matches they attend;


The IVF are an avowedly anti-fascist group, the small red flag and the “Mangos” banner are expressions of this outlook. Unfortunately the display of flags like these has caused trouble for the IVF and the club;

Club Statement On Ground Regulations

By MUFC Reporter, 12th Jan 2014 

After receiving a number of complaints…

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