WHO ARE YA? Dave Langston, matchdaymemories.com


Dave Langston, matchdaymemories.com – between a rock and a hard place!

1) Who are ya?

Dave Langston, over 50, 2 grown up kids, one mad dog. Staffordshire, born in Aston, Birmingham but bought up in Winson Green. There’s currently a programme on TV called Benefits St. Well, this street was posh to me as a kid, that’s the impression I got as I went to school on the corner of that street anyway, and I still have found memories. But, it’s not were you start is it? It’s where you end up.

2) Who do you support?

The Baggies

3) What was your first game?

I think it was West Brom v Leicester at about 6 or 7 years old. Had been pestering my brother to take me for ages. Was bored stiff until Jeff Astle scored one of his famous scorching headers, I swear the net seemed to bulge so much I thought it was going to hit me in the face! I ended up 30 feet forward from my brother and had to be carried back over the heads of the other fans in the Brummie Road end.

4) What do you do for a job?

I sell football memorabilia from my site http://matchdaymemories.com.

I’ve been doing this for about 15 years and I don’t mind saying it swings from being a decent income to an expensive hobby. Although I sell other things, the site is mostly known for selling vintage football magazines as I can sell hundreds a month.

This probably accounts for the swings in income as they have to be bought in bulk to make it worthwhile and it’s a lot of work preparing magazines for sale. Each page has to be checked and there is a lot of waste. We maybe sell only 20% of what we buy in 12 months. But I love it and can supplement it with income from other areas.

I worked for a long time as an Internet Architect, so building websites is easy for me. I don’t advertise that but people do get passed on and I tend to do hand holding for people who are new to owning a website. I also built some sites for free to help promote football collecting of any sort and some for charity too.

In the past, I used to renovate and build Snooker tables. You might have seen me setting up the tables for BBC’s Pot Black in the 70s / 80s.

I went to University at the age of 35 and then worked for a Water Utility company.

5) Have you played/worked for any football clubs?


6) How did you get into it?


7) What do you get out of it?


8) What advice would you give someone wanting to follow in your stud marks/footsteps?


9) If you could do it all again what would you change?

Go to university at an earlier age.

10) Who’s your footballing hero?

Ask any Albion fan over 40 and he’ll say Jeff Astle or Tony Brown. Over 30 years and it’ll be Robson, Regis, Cuningham etc.. For the over-50s it might be Ronnie Allen. All of those, but Jeff & Tony are special to me simply because they socialised with the fans and Tony Brown still does. But I think age has told me to respect any players from any club (except Wolves, Villa, the Blues!!!) who plays the game in the right way and lasts – I think this is getting harder as time goes on.

Many thanks Dave. All the best.