Football during Christmas

International Football Views

In England, we (supporters) have the luxury to watch football games over the festive period compared to other nations in Europe. Family and friends join together during the break to relax and socialise after a long year. However, footballers in the English leagues (BPL to League Two) play games on the 26th December (Boxing Day) depriving them of a relaxed Christmas. Are professional footballers not entitled to a break for Christmas?

There are several games across the leagues being played on the 26th December with several games being played in the early afternoon (1pm). This could create an problem especially when players must travel very early in that morning or the night before to play these matches at the early KO times. Therefore, this can affect players having an enjoyable Xmas with family and friends due to their footballing commitments for the following day. As Boxing day is a holiday…

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