Christmas Morning – The Lost World of Football

Got, Not Got

You can still get ‘The Lost World of Football’ in time to re-live the Christmas mornings of your childhood… if you hurry up…

xmas morning pressie subbuteo

It never, ever snowed round our way at Christmas. Sometimes it rained.

Christmas dinner was the same as normal Sunday dinner, but with turkey instead of roast beef and added parsnips and sprouts. Rather than the mouthwatering spreads portrayed on the front cover of the Radio Times.

But somehow, on Christmas morning, with Noel Edmonds visiting children in hospital as a televisual backdrop, we still managed to reach a goose-bump inducing level of excitement.

Because we knew that, concealed in cheap Woolies wrapping paper and piled up under the shit tree, there lurked Shoot annuals, Wembley Trophy footballs, full football strips and Subbuteo accessories housed in their pale green boxes.

xmas morning umbro paisley


Our Christmas present to you is the first 16 pages of ‘The Lost World of Football’…

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