Great football club names

Put Niels In Goal

The world of football is blessed with some glorious names. Having stumbled across the Mysterious Dwarfs of Ghana and the Liberian International Shipping & Corporate Registry FC of, well, Liberia, I thought I’d dig a little deeper. Thanks are also due to Nikos Overheul who suggested a couple of entries. I’ve avoided the overtly comedic, such as Deportivo Morón, which is, after all, just the name of a city in Argentina, or Deportivo Wanka, which is named after a Quechua people who live in the area from which the team hails. Here, then, are the ten that made the grade.

Liberian International Shipping & Corporate Registry Football Club – Liberia

As Rose George notes in her masterful study of international shipping, Deep Sea and Foreign Going, Liberia is one of the foremost registries for foreign ships, a keeper of the details for a flag of convenience. While this is…

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