Firecrackers & Flares in Sarajevo

Look At These Scenes


Guest writer Tim Hartley reflects on Sarajevo’s troubled past and takes in one of the capital’s derby games. You can follow Tim on twitter @timhhartley….

Olimpik Sarajevo 0 v 2 FK Sarajevo (31.08.2013)

Bosnia and Herzegovina have qualified for the World Cup finals for the first time in the country’s short history. The national team’s success may have at last united a country of diverse peoples with Serbs and Croats for once celebrating together. “Football’s a way of bringing people together,” says Bosnia’s sports minister, Salmir Kaplan. But in Bosnia Herzegovina, old habits, like tribal loyalties, die hard.

We crossed the border from Croatia over a narrow bridge spanning the river Sava at Brod. Or Slavonski Brod depending on which side of the river you are. But hold on, this was not Bosnia. The bold blue sign welcomed us to Republika Srpska, an autonomous Serb entity within the complicated set up…

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