So why exactly are you against That Modern Football? Part 16

Llandudno Jet Set

62. When the marketers ruin innocence

I’d love to be the impressionable and cynicism-free football mad youngster I once was. I’m probably not unique in wanting to swap David Cameron’s nasty Britain of 2013 for the golden time when holding a football trophy aloft like a football hero was the logical end of a career path.

My lingering memories of footballing heroism turn the moments when a cup and I pass – whether it’s been the Welsh Premier League trophy, the Welsh Cup, the Heineken Cup or the 6 Nations trophy – into opportunities for grabbing an object and thrusting it upwards in celebration. Sometimes the trophy isn’t even being held by someone else.

Nowadays if you’re an impressionable kid you have the chance to act in the manner of your heroes, you can open your front door and find a local footballing celebrity with a famous trophy standing on your doorstep.  If you don’t believe me look at what happened to this kid the other day!!


When I saw…

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