British Asians in Football

International Football Views

This post will highlight the barriers preventing British Asians playing football in England/UK. But it also highlights other issues which do not tend to be spoken about. I will highlight the issues using previous experiences, my current experiences and analysis and information which I have collected to help you gain an insight in this topic.

The term “British Asian” is not to encourage discrimination and/or portray negative perceptions/ views. Also I will mainly focusing on the issues in England mainly.

Firstly, British Asians play a huge part in English football as many of them are fans are reputable football clubs. They purchase merchandise, watch their favourite team on TV or attend live games in stadiums around the country. They all have an input in the success-fulness of their clubs in terms of fan base, revenue and awareness. For it is seen in England/UK that the fans own the club they…

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