So why exactly are you against That Modern Football? Part 15

Llandudno Jet Set

This part is basically a continuation of part 11, in that it’s entirely dedicated to the silky smooth PR industry;

59. “Budweiser Hosts the FIFA World Cup™ Draw”

It’s amazing how everyone in this piece of PR bollocks conforms to my stereotype of “Banter User”.

I hate to do this to you PR people but, handing a person a brand new woolly hat, a few badges and some clichéd lines doesn’t instantly turn them in to a proper fan.

Budweiser did the same thing in other cities around the world as well; Moscow, Sao Paolo, New York  and  Mexico City, but the people aren’t as annoying in the other cities.

I love the way everybody in the videos uses the world cup’s official title; “FIFA World Cup” when they’re talking about the world cup because this prevented confusion with the recent rugby league version of a world cup.

60. “Heineken Invites Soccer Fans to ‘Share the Sofa’

Imagine at the possibilities presented…

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