Truro fans defy the farce of regionalised football


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Game of the People

Apparently, Truro City will cover some 11,500 miles this season to fulfil their Southern League Premier fixtures. That’s an average of 500 miles per away fixture. So much for regional football!

When Truro travelled to Hitchin and back, they ran up around 600 miles. That will cost a coach approximately £500 in petrol. Truro get nothing from the gate from away games and they would have had to leave very early on Saturday morning (although I gather they came up earlier than that). The attendance was 320. Do the math, as they say!

But whereas some clubs who have to travel 50 miles fail to bring more than the proverbial one man and his dog to an away game, Truro’s fans numbered around 50 and they were a credit to the Cornwall club.

They made a day of it, some more than others. They didn’t stop singing, encouraging their team…

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