Haringey Borough FC vs Greenhouse – a visit, a match, and a conversation

Put Niels In Goal

I’ve been living in the London Borough of Haringey for over four years now. Though I’ve been writing about football for only the last few months, my interest in and passion for the game has obviously been around for a lot longer. It is, therefore, with something bordering shame that I have to admit that my visit this Tuesday to Haringey Borough Football Club was my first ever. It will not be my last.

By a quirk of ground-sharing, Tuesday’s match against Greenhouse London FC in the Essex Senior League Premier Division was an away fixture for Haringey Borough, despite Coles Park actually being their ground (think Crystal Palace and Wimbledon). Greenhouse London FC are a young team affiliated to the Greenhouse Charity, which aims to promote youth engagement in south-east London, using football as one of the ways to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds develop confidence and…

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