Hull fans may need to look deep into the eye of the tiger

Game of the People

Hull City (556x313)Although the comments made by Hull City owner Assem Allam may have been a massive PR own goal, the outrage and protests will amount to nothing. Allam wants to change the club’s name to Hull Tigers, presumably to “leverage the brand” and make full use of Hull’s nickname as a marketing tool. It’s what big business is all about these days – image, brand and marketing.

But the locals are not happy. They are “Hull City till they die” and they are making their displeasure known.

Allam doesn’t like what he is seeing, so much so that fans brandishing banners at the club’s recent home game were called “hooligans” and attempts were made to stop them protesting. What’s more, Allam reacted to the “City till I die” chants by saying the fans could “die as soon as they want”.

But what’s in a name? Why are the fans so upset?…

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