I, for one, am sick of being scapegoated.

Llandudno Jet Set

Yesterday I rushed to buy a ticket for next week’s Welsh Cup match from a man near a folding table. Here’s the ticket.


I rushed to hand over 7 quid because I misunderstood the announcement that Rhyl made earlier this week. I thought that next week’s Welsh Cup match was all-ticket so when I saw the man with the felt covered table I saw opportunity knocking, I wasn’t going to let my life be derailed by faffing or  worrying!

When I got home from the match a Facebook status told me “Need tickets for the Bangor end but not for the Rhyl side”. I checked Rhyl’s website and this impression seemed to be correct

The arrangements for the Welsh Cup third round match at the Corbett Sports Stadium on Saturday 07 December are as follows:

– Turnstiles and segregation as per the league match above

– Strict stop and search policy will be in force once again.

– No…

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