Football Funnies – The Hard Men

Beyond The Last Man

Football FunniesThe football cartoon was an inexplicably popular staple of football publishing in the second half of the twentieth century, and so, in a dubious BTLM tribute to their longevity (rather than their humour), our new regular Football Funnies series looks back on decades of bad puns masquerading as light relief from proper football writing.

We should probably make clear the distinction here between football cartoons strips and football cartoons. The former was well represented in respected comics like Roy of the Rovers and Scorcher that at least had a format allowing stories to develop over multiple frames. The cartoons we’re focusing on here were mostly of the single frame variety.

These were a between-the-war publishing invention and in an age when photographic reproduction was cumbersome and costly, cartoons were seen as a cheap and easy way to bring a visual break to heavy blocks of text. And yet even as…

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