Comedy Commentary – ways to illustrate the game

Put Niels In Goal

In a self-reflexive world where we sit with one eye on Match of the Day and one eye on our Twitter accounts, passing comment on the pundits and those who sit in the stadium and detail players’ every moves in a mixture of cliché and confusion, everyone has a opinion on the opinion-makers.  It seems only logical, then, that my friends at the Illustrated Game have taken the process one step further and created Comedy Commentary, a satirical look at those who pontificate from the comfort of commentator’s eerie.

The setting for last Saturday’s endeavours was the characterful Old Red Lion pub, a proper drinking den resplendent with chiaroscuro effects: the massive television screen was bright and everything else slightly dingy (which explains why my photos are shit). Those familiar with TIG’s weekly podcasts, and if you’re not, you should take a long, hard look at yourself, will be…

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