Will the Clough cure kill the patient? Brighton 2-8 Bristol Rovers

The Goldstone Wrap

Hot on the heels of the 4-0 collapse against Walton and Hersham in the FA Cup, Brighton faced Don Megson’s high-flying Bristol Rovers at the Goldstone. It was an encounter that happened exactly forty years today, on 1st December 1973.

Here, I’ve put together a YouTube video of ten minutes of ‘highlights’ that featured on The Big Match the following day:

Enjoy once more Norman Gall’s rather blatant fouling on the first goal, while still getting nowhere near Alan Warboys. Or that hopeless ‘defensive’ wall on the free-kick. Or the amazing 55 yard back-pass at the start of the second half!

Much has been written about this memorable match in the years since. What is often forgotten is that Alan Warboys almost hit number nine for Bristol Rovers:

Strangely, all the goals in this game were scored by players in Albion shirts. This was because Bristol Rovers’ red and white…

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