Manchester City – the shirt tucked into shorts years

Iain Ferguson gets a motor....


Date: 15/04/1987

Programme: Tottenham Hotspur

There’s no doubt at the back of Manchester Citys programme against Tottenham most eyes would have been fixed on news, team line ups and league tables as City fought against relegation, but this being the blog we are, we’d like your attention drawn to the Umbro ad down the bottom (much as we’d like to big up Kevin Langley). Citys fashions are of course of the time – the chequer board shirt in particular. However, we’d like to point out the fashion crime of tucking shirt into shorts. Particularly the kid in the blue top – he’s gone for a serious tuck. Also if you squint kind of hard the guy on the left kind of looks like Michael Owen…well maybe not, but he’s just as wooden….nice bag too mate…also it’s nice there was a time pre billionaire Sheikhs Manchester Citys match ball was sponsored…

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