Guest blogger: The Secret Referee

Sideways Looker

Today’s blog is an exciting moment for Sideways Looker.  After weeks of in-depth negotiations, we’re very excited to announce that a top referee will be writing on occasion for this blog – bringing anecdote, comment and red-hot football gossip to these pages.  Without further ado, here is – The Secret Referee.

The Secret Referee writes: The Confidence Game

I was at a very exclusive function last week, and while I can’t go into details (obviously – a lot of very powerful and important men are relying on my discretion) it was the sort of function where the cocktail sausages come with a small bowl of dipping mash.  Can’t get posher than that.  The only problem was cleaning your fingers afterwards.  I looked at the other guests for guidance on this but everyone there (mostly FA representatives) possessed handkerchiefs as part of their usual garb (three-piece suit and wingtips), and…

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