A Race Against Time: Will the stadiums be ready?

Diego Maradonuts World Cup Blog

This time last week we were all stunned by a collapse from Ukraine. Now just one week later, the collapse of a crane has captured all the headlines.
A crane killed two workers after it collapsed at a stadium set to host next year's World Cup opener.
Sao Paulo is now sadly mourning two construction workers crushed in the wreckage. Sepp Blatter said he was “deeply saddened”, although I suspect he was more saddened by the potential loss in revenue if the Itaquerao Stadium doesn’t end up ready in June.
This incident has brought the problems of other stadiums to the fore. Most alarmingly in Cuiaba where the stadium still largely resembles a building site, while Manaus and Curitiba have also suffered set backs in the last 2 months. Cuiaba has in fact admitted there will not be enough accomodation for fans.
It seems every World Cup or Olympics nowadays has its problems with stadiums. South Africa were under the same scrutiny and managed to pull through. Brazil of…

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