Calling in on…..Royston Town

Game of the People

royston (500x281)There’s been a bit of noise coming from Royston for a couple of years. A town of 16,000 people, it’s big enough to host non-league football at a higher level than the Spartan South Midlands League fare it got used to between 1994 and 2012. There have been rumblings for some time that they were about to move to a new ground away from their Garden Walk home, giving them a springboard to make Royston into a credible force.

There’s no reason why Royston could not “do a Biggleswade” if they find a way to upgrade their stadium. Biggleswade and Royston are comparably-sized towns. They are treading a similar path – although they have had something of a setback in recent weeks with manager Paul Atfield, the driving force behind their rise to the Southern League Central Division, resigning through ill-health.

Atfield has a serious condition which – thankfully –…

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