Were we the best supporters in the country 20 years ago? No doubt about it.


I think I’ve written 8 or 9 of these blog pieces now in two months, I’ve had 4,900 hits which means people either enjoy reading them out of curiosity or boredom, or they read in the same way its hard to take your eyes off a car crash sometimes. One of the criticisms I’ve had is I come across as patronising towards our younger generation of supporters. I don’t mean to be at all. It’s just I’m glad I was around at St James’ for 8 years before we got Premiership football. The football wasn’t better, it was more often than not shit. The reason I loved it in those days was I was completely proud of our support. I was only a kid, and it might be partially because when you’re young you’re more impressed by things, but I don’t think it’s that.

Every time we had a great…

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