This week’s adventures in Social Media


Tony Agana, SUFC

This week’s adventures in Social Media include:

  • Connecting on Linked In with the legendary Tony Agana (following on from my Twitter conversation with him and Brian Deane last week)
  • Having a protracted Twitter conversation with Got, Not Got about the ethics of buying their latest book (‘What a Shot’) second hand and at a vastly reduced rate
  • Getting over a 1000 views on No Standing last Friday
  • Kicking off my football folk Q&A series, ‘Who are ya?’
  • Talking about arts projects at Horton Park Avenue and football blogging with The National Football Museum (and Socrates Meet Ups)
  • Discussing the relative merits of WordPress with The Football Attic
  • Debating whether I could get away with filling my house with old Shoot! and Match magazines with my Tweeps Matt Bailey and Scots Footy Cards
  • Finding out that there had been a touchline scrap at an Under-13s game in the suburb of Norwich where I used to live
  • Clarifying with Beyond the Last Man that Vic Metcalfe of Huddersfield Town WAS NOT my Grandmother
  • Discovering that the good folk of Holmewood in Bradford don’t like talkented photographers who wear corduroy
  • Looking at why referees AREN’T wankers

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