Note to media….make “Johnny Foreigner” sound better

Game of the People

The British media does not portray many foreign players in a favourable light. On countless occasions, I have cringed at some of the quotes attributed to German, Spanish or French players, indeed managers.

Our intrepid reporters might argue that they are merely repeating what’s been said in a post-match interview or training ground conversation, but if they were to be as accurate with English players, we would see quotes that are punctuated at every available opportunity with the post-modern footballing classic, “yer know”.

Perhaps it is the desire to make them sound like a stranger in a strange land. Maybe it makes them more interesting, almost an exotic product.  But is can also reduce them to a laughing stock at times. Eric Cantona saw through the media – his comment about “Sardines” was a sideways swipe at the gullability of the press. Jose Mourinho knows how to play the game…

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