Football Comedy: Absolutely, McGlashan

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McGlashan (played by Docherty) was an extreme Scottish nationalist and playwright, who frequently espoused anglophobia. Introduced into the show in series two, he would often write plays or be given jobs by his camp agent McMinn (Kennedy), but his hatred of the English would always take over (typical example: a play featuring someone travelling back in time to kill Geoff Hurst in 1965), leading in McGlashan’s work never to get off the ground. McGlashan was based on a man Docherty met in a pub in Soho. McMinn was based on a camp television producer. In one sketch he cycles to the Scotland-England border, steps across and shouts “Poofs!”, before cycling away quickly whilst constantly looking over his shoulder. One of the only facts known about his personal life is that he is a supporter of the Edinburgh football team Hibernian F.C., as is his portrayer Docherty. This is alluded to in two sketches; once when he rants that a position should be created in the UK Government for an ‘All Round Good Guy’ which should be awarded to the “Hibs player Mickey Weir“, and also when he reads the news and takes a moment to celebrate a Hibernian victory over their great city rivals, Heart of Midlothian FC.”


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