The Golden Generation is dead, and with it went the buzz around the Three Lions.



So we’ve made it to the world cup. And not just any world cup, this is a world cup in Brazil. The Copacabana and Samba football. Cause for celebration surely? But something is different this time around. There is no pandemonium and over confidence, so what’s changed? To find out let’s cut back to 1996.

Before 96 watching an England qualifier was a chore that only students would find the time to do. They would sit in the middle of the afternoon with their pot noodles and watch the three lions play some little eastern bloc team like Bulgaria in a stadium with only 3 stands. One empty, one with three England flags from somewhere obscure like Swindon and the third full of soldiers of the Red Army who had been given free ticket to the game. There was no build up like there is today. All you got was…

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