Post 100 – Coventry City Girl Of The Match

Iain Ferguson gets a motor....





I’m sure by now most of you who read this blog have been aware we try and fulfil our James Bowlam of The Likely Lads fabulous “burds” quotient – but while we’ve been more than aware the path to this kind of thing was paved by Shoot!, Loaded, the Notts County 1976 Benny Hill programmes and the TV times, there was also a pioneering spirit at Coventry City – I think by now most people at least appreciate the pioneering spirit of Jimmy Hill, and he had all kinds of ideas about football for better or worse. In that spirit the Coventry City programme offered it’s female readers a chance to be the Sky Blue “Girl Of The Match”…oddly, as late as 1969 the only pin up in the Coventry programme was Maurice Setters…and they say the 60s were revolutionary. Anyway, 100 posts in, thanks for the support…

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