Ludovic Obraniak: Poland’s fall-guy


It’s a cold November day in 2011, a reporter strides across Wrocław’s spacious main square towards an unassuming young man wearing a light jacket.  As the reporter approaches the man fiddles with his coat, it’s obviously a bit chilly.  The journalist asks in Polish: ‘What do you think about Polish patriotism?’.  A smile breaks out across the man’s face as he asks the reporter to repeat the question.  When he has heard it once more, he replies: ‘Sorry I don’t speak Polish’ and, at that, the camera pans away and the two part company.  The person being interviewed is not just anyone however, he is Ludovic Obraniak, capped 32 times for the Polish national team.

French born and bred Obraniak has been a controversial figure in Poland ever since he announced his desire to represent the country back in 2008.  Everyone has an opinion about ‘Ludo’ from the Polish FA…

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