Sideways Looker

I recently attended the England vs. Chile friendly at Wembley. While it ultimately ended in disappointment, (Alexis Sanchez outfoxing all England players by providing the Chilean team with something called ‘creativity’) I did manage to enjoy my night out by indulging in a favourite pastime of mine – people watching.

People watching is always great; standing in the high street watching some beleaguered men being dragged around, a sunny day in Cambridge spent watching drunk toffs fall into the water after their attempts at punting, watching the sheer panic of a mother of five in an airport counting heads and frantically checking her pockets for passports… it’s endless fun. My new favourite place to do this is at a football stadium, especially when I can watch the Eng-Lads when our national team are playing. You know the ones; idiot, drunk, overly patriotic England fans who keep digging away at our…

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