1978 World Cup Special Part 3 – Scotland and Chrysler

Iain Ferguson gets a motor....

Date: 13/05/1978

Programme: Ireland vs Scotland



We’ve touched before on Scotlands horrific 1978 World Cup campaign (short summary: Ally MacLeod said we’d win, we didn’t) via the medium of the Ireland vs Scotland programme. It’s an Ireland home game they had to play at Hampden, and in this particular programme you really get a sense of the optimism around the team before we flew off. The kind of optimism that lead people to spend 50p to watch the team go round Hampden on a bus. This is quite a famous ad campaign from the time, or infamous if you are the Chrysler people. You see this was a heavily hyped ad campaign and the TV debut of the campaign was at half time of the Iran game. That’s the Iran game after we’d already been gubbed by Peru. And then we drew with Iran. Post match Kevin Keegan said…

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